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Category: Category:Islands of Colombia Category:Caribbean islands of Colombia is something that everybody should be able to do. Everybody should be able to use the bike as much as they want. You don't have to have a bike; it's just a piece of equipment that you put on your feet that you can use to go about your business. It's that easy and that simple, but it's so much more than that. A large amount of the West Bank Bike Festival is dedicated to raising awareness of other cultural communities that have been historically oppressed in Palestine and Israel. What does your group hope to achieve with your festival? For us, we look at it as a festival where we bring together all the different cultures, all the different people who are part of the community to show that these are all the same things that make us so special, that make us so unique, and that make us so beautiful. When you have a festival, it's about highlighting the different things that make us who we are as a people, but then at the same time, it is a celebration of all of us together. It's that mixture of celebrating how wonderful we are as a community, and the celebration of our differences as well. It is a celebration of all of our cultures, as well as our commonalities. What is the most exciting part of your festival for you? The moment when we get to enjoy the food, see the dancing, and be at a party with all our family and friends. We love that part of it because we get to have a lot of fun and show a lot of support to all the different communities, all the different people, all the different backgrounds that come together to make up who we are as a community. It's just a party, that's what it is. There are a lot of different elements, but when it all comes together, it makes for such a wonderful celebration. Not only is Palestine facing increasing restrictions on its citizens, but a large amount of the West Bank's cultural community is also experiencing being pushed to the brink of extinction. Do you feel like your festival is doing its part in the preservation of Palestinian culture? I think that we have been very fortunate in this respect. You don't always think that you are the first person to have had the privilege of having a festival, but when we look back at the history of Palestine, it's a very short history and it's kind of tough to

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